Our sizing is generally:
S: 2-4, M: 6-8, L: 10-12, XL: 14-16, 2XL: 18-20, 3XL: 20-22.
We do our best to provide clear descriptions about the fit across on our website and across our social media. Make sure to read our descriptions, and always check to see where your size number has been placed on the sizing chat.
Our Models!!
We couldn't showcase our products without these wonderful women! 

Wife. Dog mama. Fashion lover. 
Stats: APOJ size 2XL to 3XL

Texas native. Clothing enthusiast. Homeschooling mama of 2 kiddos. Some of my favorite things are arts and crafts, music, playing with my dog, and Chick-fil-A.
Stats: 5'11'', 150lb, APOJ size small to medium

A wife and mom to 4 kids and a t21 advocate for my little sweet boy. I’m from Kansas now in Frisco. Loves to shop and travel whenever I get the chance. APOJ size L-XL

Stats: APOJ size XL to 2XL

Stats: APOJ size 2XL to 3XL






Stats: 4' 10" , APOJ size large
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