every(BODY) - Send us your body positive stories!


Here at A Pocket of Joy we focus on clothing and community that makes women feel beautiful inside and out.

every(BODY) will be a three part blog series centered around real women and their triumphs and battles with body image.

We want to hear your personal stories, your advice to other women, and you opinion on the importance body positivity.

The 3 parts will be:
Celebrate - focusing on those who love their body, style, and everything they are. We want to know when and how you learned to love yourself or if you feel you have always been a body positive person. 
Struggle - focusing on those who have struggled or currently struggle with personal image or style. We want to know how they overcame your struggles or if you’re in the midst of a battle how you are coping and moving forward.
Transform - focusing on those who have gone from one extreme to another. Whether weight loss or weight gain was involved or it was purely a mental transformation we want to know how you transformed for the better.

Your story may fit into two or all three categories!


How to submit your story and/or advice:
-Email info@apocketofjoy.com 
-Specify the name you want to be credited by
-Include your story and any photos you are okay with being used. Your submission may be used in whole or in part and could be featured in all posts through the blog series.
-Open to submissions until further notice. 
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