2019 Here We Come!

Happy New Year from A Pocket of Joy! 

Our first 7 months were quite the adventure. Launching a new business is a task in and of itself, then throw in a complicated medical journey for our owner's daughter, and well I'll let Mickey's words speak for her: 

"Oh my stars. I wish I could hug each of you. What I thought was fun became a source of sheer joy. Seeing pictures of you feeling and looking fabulous. The encouragement, prayers, cards, meals, love when we were at rock bottom. You will never know the depth of my gratitude. 😍😍😍 I hope this place becomes your safe place, too. A place of joy and laughter and fun and where you can share a selfie and be built up and encouraged and realize how beautiful and valuable and worthy you are." (you can read her entire end of year thank you in our FB insider group)  

So what's ahead in 2019?
  • New inventory of course
  • Streamlining our process of shipping in our *new warehouse* eek! We can't believe this is a reality and can't wait to share more details with you all. 
  • Our 1 year anniversary....June will be here before we know it
  • More community and relationship building with our customers <3 

Thank you for all the love and support through 2018! We look forward to sharing 2019 with you as well. 


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